Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fimbulwinter Typo Thread

I've decided to go ahead and put out a second edition of Fimbulwinter once Black Coven is out, with all the various corrections that have come up since the original book was published. So if you want to point out spelling and grammar issues, repeated words, scrambled sentences or other such editing problems here's your chance.

I use search & replace to find these problems, so there's no need to be especially verbose about where they are. A comment like:

Chapter 14
Hroldir looked a little uncertain
Should be "Hrodir"

Is just about perfect for making corrections.


  1. Chapter 3
    a peasant farmer who’d come down with the flue,
    flue => flu

    Chapter 11
    the broken stone beneath our feat
    feat => feet

    “I’ll check,” said the main who’d been giving orders.
    main => man

    Chapter 13+
    Oscar => Oskar (several locations) (22 Oskars, 10 Oscar)
    where Oscar’s smithy was located
    set off for Oscar’s smithy
    Oscar, Hroldir and Gronir listened
    Oscar said heavily
    that, but Oscar and Gronir
    So what do we do?” Oscar asked
    “Are you still going to rescue Cerise?” Oscar asked.
    go through Oscar’s men like a hot knife
    Oscar shrugged
    “You sure you don’t want a few of the boys to come with you?” Oscar asked.

    alter => altar (several locations)
    Behind the alter,
    At the statue’s feet stood an alter
    There was a door behind the alter
    spot not far from the alter

    Ty to plan out an inconspicuous route to the granary,
    Ty => Try

    mater and energy are different forms
    mater => matter

  2. Chapter 2

    but there is a big different between a couple of bored gang members looking for someone to beat up

    different => difference

  3. Chapter 3

    always popping out of the woods to plink a few arrows and curses at whoever they can get a beat on and running off into the woods.

    beat => bead

    and running off into the woods => and running off back into the woods again [*]


    * = okay, technically the sentence is correct as is best i can tell. It just 'feels' like the altered version is how it _should_ read. On the other tentacle English isn't my native language so i might very well be dead wrong.

  4. "mix of swords, axes and what I was pretty sure were compound bows"

    I suspect you meant "composite bows" here unless you really did intend for them to have modern style bows with cables and pulleys.

  5. Chapter 15: "limped back over to." -> "limped back over to me."

  6. When is Black Coven looking to come out?

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  8. Chapter 12:
    "any other commoner I'd seed" -> seen

  9. Chapter 14:
    "I can work bit" -> work a bit

  10. Grammar-wise, there are a couple of places with new paragraphs inside quotes, like:
    "[...]As you can see, your golem and your blade has already failed."
    "Of course, that's assuming that your own apprentice doesn't kill you first.[...]"

    It's the same character speaking, but it looks like a new one just entered the discussion. It would read better as:
    "[...]As you can see, your golem and your blade has already failed."
    Holger paused. "Of course, that's assuming that your own apprentice doesn't kill you first.[...]"

    Alternately, consensus grammar for new paragraphs in quoted text seems to be:
    "[...]As you can see, your golem and your blade has already failed.
    "Of course, that's assuming that your own apprentice doesn't kill you first.[...]"

    That is, skipping the closing quotation marks until the last paragraph.

  11. Chapter 14:
    "Lighting seared my back" -> Lightning

  12. Chapter 15:
    "My athame's can barely scratch them" -> athames

    1. When are you going to write something?

  13. Chapter 9:
    " much the moon of the room lifted..." -> mood

  14. Chapter 8

    “She’s a teenage girl who’s willing to risking her life to protect innocent civilians from monsters. Isn’t that what matters now?”

    willing to risking => willing to risk

  15. Chapter 9
    One of the refuge girls
    refuge => refugee

    Also, sometimes I see Margold, sometimes Marigold. Margold appears more often than Marigold.

  16. “Yes, lord wizard,” she said nervously. “Worked there for six years, until the steward got it in his head I was the one stealing the silverware.”

    The text is indented twice.

  17. “Oh. Guess we didn’t fool you as much as I though,


  18. Couldn't find Black Coven thread so posting here:
    in Chapter 25:"I wasn’t sure how many troops Hecate had available for this attack, but if the mythology was accurate every warrior who didn’t die in battle was hers.". Shouldn't be Hel instead of Hecate here?