Sunday, February 7, 2016

February Update

I'm pleased to announce that Fimbulwinter will be available in audiobook form starting later this month. Thanks to Gregg Savage and Guy Williams for all their hard work making this possible. And yes, this means audiobook versions of Black Coven and Extermination are in the works.

Meanwhile, I'm now working on chapter 7 of Perilous Waif. Progress has been a lot slower than I would have liked, mostly because it takes a lot of work to do all the world building for a realistic far-future SF setting. I've found that I generally can't turn out more than one scene at a time, where with fantasy it isn't unusual for me to write a couple thousand words in one sitting.

So I've also started working on Revenant, the next Daniel Black novel. I'm currently on chapter 2, and I'll be experimenting with working on both books in parallel this month. Depending on how things go I may just write a chapter now and then when I need a break from SF, or I may end up making it my main focus while I continue Perilous Waif at a slower pace.

One way or the other, there should hopefully be more progress to report next months.